Kastelorizo: Burned building that housed essentials for refugees

http://news247.gr/eidiseis/koinonia/kastellorizo-kahke-ktirio-poy-fylassontan-eidh-prwths-anagkhs-gia-prosfyges.3933962.html In this building, which was granted to UNHCR, stored relief items (blankets, clothes) to meet the needs of refugees news247 March 01 2016 12:17 It was completely destroyed by fire which broke out yesterday evening, the lounge municipality Kastellorizo. The causes of the fire are unknown, but suspected that it is arson. In this […]

Woman in black holding severed child’s head near Moscow metro station detained

https://www.rt.com/news/333928-woman-severed-head-metro/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3469100/Woman-black-burka-holding-child-s-severed-HEAD-shouting-Allahu-Akbar-shuts-metro-station-Moscow.html A woman dressed all in black and holding what is thought to be a child’s severed head has been arrested near a metro station in Moscow. She was shouting, “I am a terrorist,” and reportedly threatened to blow herself up. The victim was a girl, identified as Nastya M. After the murder, the […]

Masked men attack 60 Minutes crew in Sweden

http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/masked-men-attack-60-minutes-crew-in-sweden/news-story/acdf5f61158f5a647bf35ef4283beaa8   A FILM crew from Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program have been attacked in Sweden by a “group of masked men” while filming a story about the European migrant crisis. The team, which included the Nine Network’s veteran reporter Liz Hayes, were visiting the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby when a group of young men […]