Masked men attack 60 Minutes crew in Sweden


A FILM crew from Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program have been attacked in Sweden by a “group of masked men” while filming a story about the European migrant crisis.

The team, which included the Nine Network’s veteran reporter Liz Hayes, were visiting the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby when a group of young men attacked the film crew and ran over a cameraman’s foot and injured one of their producers.

Swedish media outlet Avpixlats had partnered with 60 Minutes to film the story.

The Nine Network have released a statement today, confirming the incident occurred.

“Liz Hayes and a 60 Minutes crew are currently on assignment in Europe where they are reporting a story about the migrant crisis,” the statement read.

“In a suburb of Stockholm yesterday they were confronted by a group who objected to them filming.

“There was a series of scuffles and the police were called. The 60 Minutes cameraman and producer were slightly injured but filming continued with police at the scene.”

Jan Sjunnesson, a reporter for Avpixlat, reported that before they reached Rinkeby, a man asked why they were there. He then deliberately drove over the cameraman’s foot.

He said that six police officers arrived to protect the crew, which included three photographers, a cameraman, producer and Hayes, and Avpixlats employees.

But when police disappeared, Sjunnesson said a group of “young African masked men” surrounded them.

A bottle was thrown at a camera, and a photographer “was beaten right across the chin so that a tooth [came] loose,” Sjunnesson wrote.

The Nine Network said that the crew had returned to their hotel and are all fine. Filming on the story continues tomorrow.

The story is expected to be broadcast on 60 Minutes in the next few weeks.


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